Few Collectors Have Ever Seen This Rarity

Have you ever had an opportunity to see an 1830 Quarter Eagle?  As a result of the mintage of those nice American cash was very small (4,540) and since many have been melted down for his or her gold content material, it’s estimated that only a few stay in the present day.

The Quarter Eagle made its debut in 1796. Of the ten denominations approved by Congress in 1792, it was the final to be minted and solely in small portions. When launched, the quarter eagle had the excellence of being the primary precious-metal American coin missing stars on its obverse.

After 1808, no extra Quarter Eagles have been minted till 1821. At the moment, the Capped Head to the Left  kind made its look.

In 1830, the Mint made vital technological modifications.  Though the coin design may be very a lot the identical, the looks of the coin is starkly completely different. That is the primary quarter eagle to learn from use of the Mint’s new closed collar. The collar is part of the coin press that encircles the planchet to maintain steel from flowing outward when struck by the dies. In its early years, the Mint used collars constructed of three items. The brand new closed collar was one piece and regarded like a steel cylinder with a gap in it. Not solely did this new expertise standardize the diameter of cash but additionally, by being a secure barrier to steel movement, it improved the general placing high quality of cash. Cash now had a way more “completed” look. When minting cash with reeded edges, the reeds have been engraved into the collar. When dies struck the planchet, reeding was immediately added to the coin, enormously rising Mint productiveness

Mint Director Samuel Moore mentioned that the brand new closed collar expertise created a “mathematical equality” to the cash.

Sadly, there have been underlying market forces at work that conspired towards the survival price of those early stunners. This was a time when huge quantities of silver have been being positioned on world bullion markets. A ensuing drop in silver worth made gold extra useful. Gold cash of this period have been value extra as bullion than as cash. Due to this, most gold cash ended up being both hoarded or exported for melting. This melting reached its peak in 1831, when information point out a single soften in Paris consumed 40,000 half eagles. Gold cash disappeared from circulation. Lastly compelled into motion, Congress handed the Coinage Act of June 28, 1834 which diminished by 6% the quantity of gold in U.S. cash. This new normal would require a brand new design, which introduced an finish to the “Early Gold” period.

The survival price for the 1830 $2.50 Quarter Eagle is low, with an estimated quantity for all grades being lower than 150 cash. That is an inviting and historic early American gold coin that will make a powerful addition to a complicated collector’s cupboard.

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