Gold, Gold Bugs, and a Golden Gate

In March 1933, the Federal Reserve Financial institution of New York might now not honor its dedication to transform paper cash to gold and FDR declared a banking vacation. FDR issued an Government Order requiring all Individuals to give up all gold owned by them to a Federal Reserve financial institution and prohibited the 1908 Saint Gaudens Double Eagle Obverse Slabnon-public holdings of all gold cash and bullion. President Roosevelt ordered Individuals to promote their gold again to the federal government, or face jail time and fines.

It was solely 40 years later, thanks largely to the advocacy of our firm’s founder, Jim Blanchard, that the appropriate of personal residents to personal gold was restored. Via their Nationwide Committee to Legalize Gold, Jim and his spouse Jackie held public demonstrations the place they brandished bars of gold, daring the feds to arrest them.

Blanchard employed a WWI-style biplane to fly close to President Nixon’s second inauguration with a banner that learn “LEGALIZE GOLD!” prompting the Secret Service to scramble a army aircraft to tail the pilot and warn him off track (supposed to be straight over the inauguration). All three nationwide community TV information packages commented on the banner that evening, and the story was picked up by all of the wire companies.

The Blanchards additionally held “Gold Tea Events,” throughout which they carried pro-gold banners round and both dumped paper cash into our bodies of water or set it on fireplace, relying on the environment.

President Ford was persuaded to legalize gold after seeing a tv industrial of Blanchard, who held a bar of gold and requested, “Why can I not personal this?”

“G-Day,” as Jim Blanchard known as it, lastly arrived, and December 31, 1974 made historical past as the primary day of authorized gold buying and selling in America.

Because of Jim, the gold bug who wouldn’t give up, you may personal gold immediately. It’s your proper!

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