On Gold & Silver Manipulation – Silver Doctors

Even when individuals have been open to evaluation, most would proceed to consider in valuable metals manipulation…

 by Steve St Angelo of SRSrocco Report

With the continued give attention to valuable metals manipulation, I made a decision it was a good suggestion to supply my CONNECT THE DOT evaluation on this material.  Whereas most analysts and buyers within the valuable metals group focus loads of their efforts on the “COMEX” and “Manipulation,” I consider now we have a lot greater issues forward that deserve our consideration.

Nonetheless, even when individuals have been open to my evaluation, most would proceed to consider in valuable metals manipulation.  I nonetheless obtain loads of emails, questions, and social media replies suggesting, “STEVE… you simply don’t get it… LOL.”  Imagine me you; I GET IT.  

The largest proponent of Silver Market Manipulation is Ted Butler.  Apparently, I can thank Ted Butler’s early evaluation that lastly pressured me to purchase my first 100 oz silver bars at $4.52 an oz. again in 2002.  Even up till 5-7 years in the past, I continued to go together with the Manipulation Mantra, however now not.  Why?  Once I moved my focus to Vitality and skim quite a lot of work from Keith Weiner on the buying and selling mechanism behind gold and silver, I noticed it was all BIG RED HERRING.

I now focus most of my time on how ENERGY will change the whole lot, particularly the worth of most property and the metals.  However, this received’t be on account of something the Central Banks DO or DON’T DO, however slightly… the ENERGY CLIFF.