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The present and open fraud concerning the paper gold value within the COMEX market is now as plain to see because the open desperation in…

by Matthew Piepenburg by way of Gold Switzerland

The present and open fraud concerning the paper gold value within the COMEX market is now as plain to see because the open desperation within the world monetary system, which is unraveling in real-time throughout us.

As threat property tumble foreseeably into bear territory earlier than a headwind of intentionally rising charges, valuable metals have seen headline-making falls as effectively.

Under, we clarify why.

Monitoring the Paper Gold Value —The Normal Reply
In prior studies, we’ve famous that valuable metals sometimes behave sympathetically when markets tank; thereafter, gold then surges north. We noticed this sample in October of 2008 and March of 2020.

Moreover, when a Hawkish Fed pursues a brief but face-saving coverage of charge climbing and quantitative tightening, this makes the USD the comparatively stronger horse within the world foreign money glue manufacturing facility.

And a relative rise within the USD, after all, is a headwind to gold.

Explaining the Paper Gold Value —The Rigged Reply
However let’s get to the actual coronary heart of the matter, specifically: Legalized paper gold value manipulation (i.e., fraud) within the COMEX market, a subject we’ve addressed greater than as soon as, right here and right here.

As we’ve overtly argued for years, nothing embarrasses an in any other case discredited fiat foreign money like a rising gold value.

As I’ve described it, rising gold costs are a center finger to debased currencies whose declining buying energy are the DIRECT results of the failed and drunken financial insurance policies (i.e., mouse-click trillions) of a central financial institution close to you.

Or as Ronan Manly extra distinctly noticed: “Gold to central bankers is like solar to vampires.”

And that, of us, is exactly why the massive banks (beneath the path of the BIS) are intentionally (and if regulation faculty serves me appropriately) in addition to fraudulently manipulating the paper gold value.

Info vs. Manipulation
Within the first quarter of 2022, we noticed report excessive purchases of ETF gold, bodily gold and central financial institution gold. Even Goldman Sachs’ head of commodity analysis was concentrating on $2400 gold this yr.

As a substitute, the gold value has been falling as gold demand has been rising.


It jogs my memory of 2008 when mortgages have been defaulting en masse but the ABX index for sub-prime mortgages was rising.

In brief, full (and momentary) manipulations have been occurring behind the curtains of some wayward banks, together with Morgan Stanley.

In the present day’s gold conduct (i.e., surreal manipulation) isn’t any totally different and no much less of an insult to the pure forces of provide and demand, which central bankers have tried to destroy for effectively over a decade.

However the jig will quickly be up on these masters of open fraud and Wall Avenue socialism.

The Paper Gold Value & The Horse’s Mouth
For now, and in case you worry I’m simply performing as a “gold bug” apologist, let’s go straight to the horse’s mouth and look at the confessions and details of open value manipulation within the valuable steel markets.

And I swear, you actually can’t make these things up, it’s simply that apparent and distorted.

In a latest article by Peter Hambro printed by the British information website, Response, a third technology gold insider (Petropavlovsk, Financial institution Hambros) made the open secret of paper gold value manipulation abundantly clear and incontrovertible.

It’s additionally price including that Mr. Hambro’s whole profession was that of an inheritor to a banking dynasty all too aware of the insider machinations of the London bullion markets and London Inventory Change.

In brief, when Mr. Hambro discusses gold value manipulation, it’s price listening.

A Chart Says a Trillion+ Phrases
Extra importantly, and for many who desire details over human confessions or “gold bug whining,” the next chart from the U.S. Workplace of the Comptroller of the Forex (OCC) clearly reveals the intense extent by which only a handful of extremely pocketed (and central financial institution supported) banks like JP Morgan and Citi can use excessive turns of derivative-based leverage to brief (i.e., hold a everlasting boot to the neck of) the paper gold value:

That rising bar on the far proper is nothing greater than crime scene proof.

As Hambro remarks, a protracted historical past of media and financial institution supported mis-information has tried to maintain a lid on the determined makes an attempt by only a small variety of BIS minion banks like JP Morgan and Citi to successfully stop free market value discovery on the paper gold value.

Regardless of hundreds of every day lengthy contracts (i.e., purchase orders) within the OTC ahead contract markets, if simply 7-8 banks want to use huge leverage (rising bar on the best) to brief the identical steel, they will successfully repair the gold value by way of synthetic manipulation of derivatives contracts, to which solely a small variety of banks have entry.

All of this open but legalized fraud is managed by the central-banks central financial institution, specifically the Swiss-based Financial institution for Worldwide Settlements.

As Hambro states, and as taken from a latest article printed by Ronan Manly:

”[s]ince 2018 the Monetary Stability Desks at theworld’s central banks have adopted theBank for Worldwide Settlements’ (BIS) instruction to cover the notion ofinflationby rigging the gold market.”

Hambro additional observes:

“With the assistance of the futures markets and the connivance of the Alchemists, the bullion merchants – sure, that features me, I used to be Deputy Managing Director of Mocatta & Goldsmid – managed to create an unshakeable notion that ounces of gold credited to an account with a financial institution or bullion seller have been the identical as the actual factor. ‘And far simpler, previous chap! You don’t need to retailer or insure it’”.

So, there you may have it: Banks performing badly, very badly.

No shocker there…

The Greenlight from Massive Brother
In essence, a handful of 7-8 LBMA establishments creates an nearly limitless quantity of artificial paper representing unallocated gold (i.e., gold they don’t truly personal) to brief the paper gold market.


Once more, as a result of the central bankers mouse-clicking and therefore destroying trillions price of sovereign currencies (since Nixon took the gold chaperone away in 1971) are completely scared of a impartial and comparatively mounted/scarce financial steel like gold—i.e., actual cash.

Certainly, gold is cash, the remaining is simply debt and bathroom paper masquerading as foreign money.

Moreover, the coverage makers (or central controllers) are embarrassed to admit the inflationary penalties of their absurd cash printing, and nothing reveals these penalties greater than a naturally rising gold value.


Straightforward: Lie about inflation and rig the paper gold value with leverage, derivatives and a greenlight from the BIS, aka: “Massive Brother.”

In Rigged to Fail, I revealed how central bankers rig the bond and therefore inventory markets. Right here we’re simply displaying you ways the identical bankers rig the gold value to cover a failed foreign money market.

And if you wish to put a good-looking face to the farce, right here’s an unforgettable one.

What About Don’t Battle the Fed?

After all, most of you could be offended but not in the slightest degree shocked to see such rigging hiding in plain sight.

And even when your eyes have been (or now are) broad open, you’re additionally more likely to say, “nice, thanks for the information, however how on earth can we (or gold) battle all of the central banks?”

Truthful query.

As I’ve mentioned, even when you recognize a few soiled cop, there’s nearly no level in combating one, proper?

The Jig (Rig) is Up

We could also be a bit jaded and sensible, however that doesn’t make us naive.  Gold will get the final and sincere snort over such a corrupt and dishonest “coverage.”

As central banks proceed to lose increasingly more credibility, and as traders grow to be increasingly more fluent in, and conscious of, the absurdity of the lies which were bought to us for years by central bankers and MMT midgets who declare {that a} debt disaster might be solved with extra debt, which is then paid for with trillions created out skinny air, the system unwinds.

Because the inevitable inflation disaster emerges from exactly such absurd “insurance policies,” the central bankers can now not blame the apparent and long-dated/repressed inflationary penalties of their drunken financial insurance policies on a virus or Putin.

Nor can they proceed to hawk the lie that inflation was merely “transitory,”a truth we made clear lengthy earlier than Powell confessed it was not so.

Acknowledged in any other case, increasingly more of us are catching on to the fraud.

The mathematics plainly reveals that increasing the broad cash provide (and central financial institution stability sheets from $6T to $36T in simply over a decade) is the actual explanation for the inflation in your neighborhood and the debasement in your pockets.

The First Cracks & the Final Straws

Geopolitical shifts, assassinated prime ministers, fired prime ministers, offended truck drivers, stormed capitals and Sri Lankan protestors are simply the primary tragic cracks in a rising social unrest pushed by declining wealth and rising wealth disparity, all basic and historic signs and patterns of when a debt disaster results in a political disaster, and sadly (and finally) extra centralized controls over our markets and lives.

However as even Hambro observes, finally the final straw breaks the again of a rigged camel, and the “straws blowing within the wind are sometimes mentioned to presage nice tempests and I consider that {the chart above] reveals simply such a straw.”

Years of distorted, rigged and completely reckless debt-and-print polices have made world economies and currencies weaker, not stronger.

The weaponized USD within the wake of the failed Putin sanctions is simply additional proof of how weak Western economies have grow to be.

Dying Religion, Rising Gold

After years of profligate central financial institution insurance policies, the so-called “developed economies,” which are actually little greater than glorified banana republics, are shedding credibility, choices and most significantly public religion.

That is vital.

Ultimately, when religion in a system ends, so does its foreign money.

We’ve written earlier than how inconceivable it’s to market time “the top of religion,” however charts just like the one featured herein assist to level out the rigging and therefore speed up the inevitable finish to derivatives-based fraud, centralized price-fixing and, finally, the OTC on line casino particularly.

In the meantime, the present purchase window for repressed valuable metals is outstanding, and as soon as central banks cripple the markets to their deflationary ache factors, chaos will return, together with the inflationary cash printers—all of which is able to ship valuable metals larger and fiat currencies and markets to their mean-reverting lows.