The 1794 Flowing Hair Half Dime

The Flowing Hair Half Dime has the excellence of being one of many first cash issued by the US Mint. Designed by Robert Scot, this silver coin, valued at 5 cents, was a part of the Coinage Act of 1792 which established the US greenback as the usual unit of cash within the nation.

The act additionally created a decimal system for US forex. On this early section of the US forex system, officers determined to peg the worth of the greenback to the Spanish silver greenback. The act approved the manufacturing of cash starting from Eagles valued at $10 to items as small as half cents.

The half dime was designed to be smaller in each diameter and thickness relative to a dime. The primary cash have been struck in 1792 in a small amount of 1,500 items.

The piece is a part of a household of cash which are thought of among the many rarest on this planet. Take into account, for instance, the Flowing Hair Greenback which was additionally minted in 1794 and reached a $10 million promoting value in 2013. The coin is extremely uncommon. Historians have estimated that not more than 130 are more likely to nonetheless be in existence. Earlier than this sale, the file for the best quantity ever paid for a coin was $4.1 million in 1999. The coin was solely produced for 2 years. The fifteen stars across the perimeter represented the fifteen states that had ratified the structure. It was the biggest coin in use on the time.

The 1794 Flowing Hair half dime, although not as uncommon, has comparable enchantment. Many collectors worth the coin as a result of it represents the earliest days of the forex system within the US. Cash from this period have associations to a few of the most towering figures in our historical past. In actual fact, the 1792 Act to Present For Copper Coinage carries George Washington’s signature making it official regulation.

Many points of the design of the Flowing Hair Half Dime set a precedent and an ordinary for all of the US cash that adopted. The picture of Liberty turned a permanent theme throughout all following items. Liberty, as a design ingredient, remained. Nevertheless, the way in which through which it was represented modified over the a long time to extra precisely replicate the prevailing notion of what “magnificence” resembles.

The 1794 Flowing Hair Half Dime, in addition to the opposite cash of the period, additionally set composition requirements. Cash had proportional values of silver to gold that have been 15 to 1 respectively. Silver was deemed to be 1485 elements pure silver to 179 elements alloy copper.

Ultimately, manufacturing of the “Flowing Hair” coin ended and the US mint adopted a brand new design, the Draped Bust greenback and the circulation of the “Flowing Hair” cash slowly light from the general public.

Collectors search them right this moment as a reminder of the founding of the nation. The Flowing Hair Half Dime stays one of many earliest data of the imagery used to signify the ideas of the nation.

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