The Enduring Appeal of the 1862-S Seated Liberty Dime

The Seated Liberty photographs have been one of the vital enduring within the historical past of US coinage. This design appeared on the half dime, dime, quarter, and half greenback between 1836 and Obverse and reverse image of the 1862-S Seated Liberty Dime.1891. The Seated Liberty picture additionally appeared on the silver greenback from 1836 to 1873.

The design was the work of Mint engraver Christian Gobrecht. He served because the third Chief Engraver from 1840 to 1844. His engraving work began earlier than he was employed by the Mint. Initially, he engraved decorative clocks. He was a pioneer in his subject and invented a medal ruling machine which reproduces aid on easy surfaces in 1810. He additionally improved upon the digicam lucida, the pump organ, and even a speaking doll.

Gobrecht’s first try to develop into chief engraver of the Mint was unsuccessful. He wrote to President James Monroe requesting the place however was denied. Ultimately he was appointed “Second Engraver” in September of 1835 after the Chief Engraver, William Kneass suffered a stroke. 5 years later Kneass handed away and Gobrecht was appointed Chief Engraver.

His Seated Liberty designs for which he’s remembered have been primarily based on sketches by portrait painter Thomas Sully and ornithologist Titian Peale.

The obverse of the 1862-S Seated Liberty dime reveals the determine of Liberty in a flowing gown seated upon a rock. In a single hand she is greedy a Liberty pole with a Phrygian cap perched on high. The cap has lengthy been a strong image of freedom and traces again to the Neoclassicism motion. The cap additionally represents the pursuit of liberty.

The determine has her proper hand on high of a striped defend inscribed with the phrase “Liberty.” This function of the design is supposed to characterize America’s willingness to battle for freedom. Above her is an arc of 13 stars to characterize the 13 unique colonies.

The reverse facet reveals the denomination, on this case studying “Half Dime.” Each the half dime and dime items function a wreath surrounding the denomination phrases. All cash that predate 1860 embody the picture of laurel leaves which, just like the Phrygian cap, are a Neoclassicism impressed picture. By the beginning of 1860 the design was altered to incorporate agricultural merchandise together with wheat and corn.

Initially, the Seated Liberty dimes and half dimes contained no stars. This design factor was added in 1839.

The Seated Liberty imagery was commonplace on US cash starting from half dimes to half {dollars} till 1879 when the Bland-Allison act considerably lowered the minting of the cash. In time, tastes modified and there was rising assist for a brand new design. Ultimately, the Barber Head design changed the Seated Liberty.

Immediately, this design stays one of the vital highly effective photographs on US cash. It blends an array of photographs that characterize freedom, patriotism, and liberty.

Gobrecht died in July of 1844 however his contribution to US coinage lived on within the Seated Liberty design.

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